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Don't let this slick website fool you. This is whole thing is being organised by the three of us, and although we have had expert advice and support from lots of brilliant organisations, when it comes to the nitty gritty, we're on our own. We all have day jobs and our respective companies and colleagues are supporting us through training and covering for us when we take a month off in the Summer to attempt the Challenge. We are amazingly lucky. However we're also handling all of the planning and logistics too, and responding to all messages and enquiries. So please help us by reading these FAQs first, and if you do send us an enquiry, then please be patient. We will reply ASAP. Many thanks.

We don't go into too much detail about the 100 individual climbs here. Simon Warren's already done that! You can buy his book, or better still download the excellent App by clicking the links at the bottom of this page and see how many you've already completed by linking to Strava. Have a look at:

Short answer is no. We don't have the local knowledge for 90% of the ride, so we've planned the route via the most popular roads on Strava. In our experience it's pretty good and picking quiet roads where possible. We're also taking in a few places of interest along the way, and making slight detours for overnight accommodation.

We're estimating there will be 10-12 hours in the saddle every day. The timings may vary, but on most days we'll be on the road by 7am. So breakfast at 6am. We will have a van for day bags etc. but please travel as light as possible. We will be. We'll aim to have a 15 minute refuelling break every 2 hours or so, with maybe 30 mins for lunch. This will all depend on where we can stop and the sustenance available along the route. Understandably we're not planning to pre-ride, or pre-drive the full 5,300km route so the facilities could be unpredictable. It's an adventure for everyone involved!

Fantastic, thanks, the more the merrier! We're in the process of finalising our day-to-day accommodation, but as soon as it's confirmed we'll let all the riders who have signed up know the starting and destination hotels / B&Bs so you can make your own arrangements. We're hoping to negotiate preferential rates. Fingers crossed. In terms of timings the starting times of the days may vary, but if you aimed to muster for 6/6:30 for a rolling time of 7am you won't be far wrong. This will be confirmed closer to the ride day.

If you're joining us on this huge adventure, then you will probably have taken part in a few multi-day cycling tours, and you'll know roughly what to expect, and what to bring. Firstly, you'll need obvious things like a bike and a helmet (which is a must please). Given the unpredictability of travelling at anytime in Great Britain you should bring gear for all weathers, and lights, just in case. We will have a van and mechanic, who will carry a few spare parts in case of emergencies, but if you have any bits that are specific to your bike (like a mech hanger) then bring them and leave them in your day bag. Bring a method of payment in case of emergencies, and for roadside coffee and cake. If you're use to certain energy gels and bars, please bring and use your own. Essentially we'll provide you with water! And lastly please bring loads of moral support, fresh legs and at least three jokes that we haven't heard before.

For anything else, get in touch