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Day distance: 171km

Day climb: 3084m

Climbs (8)

(17) Leith Hill, (18) White Downs, (14) Box Hill, (16) White Lane, (20) Toys Hill, (15) York's Hill (19) The Wall, (22) Ditchling Beacon

We're embarking on Day One in memory of James Coghill, friend and fellow cyclist, who very sadly lost his battle with cancer earlier this year. All proceeds from today will go directly to James's family's chosen charities via his Just Giving page.

And it's a big day to kick things off in the hills of Surrey and Kent, where James did a lot of his cycling. There's 8 of the 100 Climbs, and quite a few more in between. Please join us, and help us get on our way.

A 65km circular route from Guildford is also available for this day which you can sign up for here.

Thanks to Savills, James's former employer, for so generously supporting the rides today.

Day distance: 212.5km

Day climb: 2208m

Climbs (1)

(21) Steyning Bostal

A long day but beautiful day west from Steyning to Dorchester.
This day has been generously sponsored by Nick Searl of Argent.

Day distance: 165km

Day climb: 3380m

Climbs (2)

(12) Salcombe Hill, (9) Haytor Vale

A 'shorter day' but very lumpy as we head for Dartmoor and beyond.

Day distance: 165.3km

Day climb: 2742m

Climbs (4)

(11) Rundlestone, (8) Dartmeet, (10) Widecombe, (7) Challacombe

Back through Dartmoor, heading for North Devon and Exmoor. A beautiful day's cycling.

Day distance: 181.8km

Day climb: 3197m

Climbs (5)

(6) Exmoor Forest, (4) Porlock, (5) Dunkery Beacon, (3) Crowcombe Combe, (1) Cheddar Gorge

Beauty and the beasts today. A stunning, but very challenging day starts with the climb from Lynton up through the gorge to Exmoor Forest. Then on to Porlock and Dunkery Beacon, two of the toughest climbs in the UK, the former being the steepest A-road in the UK. It's 25%.

Day distance: 181.7km

Day climb: 3198m

Climbs (4)

(2) Weston Hill, (97) The Tumble, (94) Llangynidr Mountain, (96) Bryn Du

Starting the day with Weston Hill in Bath, we head over the Severn into Wales and begin our adventure with some of the toughest climbs in the Brecon Beacons.

Day distance: 169.9km

Day climb: 2812m

Climbs (4)

(98) Rhigos, (99) The Bwlch, (100) Constitution Hill, (95) Black Mountain

The 100 Climbs are everywhere! We tackle Rhigos just after breakfast, heading towards Swansea to pick off the cobbles of Constitution Hill, before returning back to the Brecon Beacons for the ominously named, and very long, Black Mountain.

Day distance: 180.8km

Day climb: 3444m

Climbs (2)

(93) Devil's Staircase, (92) Ffordd Penllech

An odd day. Lots of climbing, and only two of The 100 Climbs, but two of the toughest, and certainly the steepest. Ffordd Penllech is 40% in places! The beauty of Snowdonia will make all the pain worthwhile... Please note we (finally!) have a rest day on Saturday 25th August near Portmerion.

Day distance: 183km

Day climb: 3074m

Climbs (2)

(91) Bwlch-y-Groes, (89) The Road to Hell

After our first rest day, we have another challenging day in Snowdonia and the forests of North Wales with its long, beautiful climbs.

Day distance: 184km

Day climb: 2496m

Climbs (5)

(90) Horseshoe Pass, (86) The Shelf, (88) Penbarra, (87) Moel Arthur, (36) Mow Cop

A very lumpy but rewarding morning as we leave North Wales and head towards the Peak District. A much flatter afternoon is abruptly punctuated by Mow Cop's legendary 25% ramp before rolling into Alderley Edge.
This day has been very kindly sponsored by Wembley Park and Realm.

Day distance: 177.5km

Day climb: 3686m

Climbs (10)

(71) Swiss Hill, (70) Cat and Fiddle, (30) Monsal Head, (31) Bank Road, (32) Riber, (34) Rowsley Bar, (35) Curbar Edge, (33) Winnats Pass, (37) Peaslows, (41) Pea Royd Lane

A brutal day in the Peak District. 10% of The 100 Climbs in one day! Ouch.

Day distance: 184.9km

Day climb: 4206m

Climbs (7)

(42) Jackson Bridge, (43) Holme Moss, (40) Shibden Wall, (44) Halifax Lane, (72) The Rake, (74) Nick of Pendle, (75) Trough of Bowland

Our biggest day of climbing. A massive 4200m day as we head into the Forest of Bowland and Lancaster. Not for the feint hearted.

Day distance: 165.1km

Day climb: 3950m

Climbs (6)

(76) Jubilee Tower, (79) Cross of Greet, (48) Langcliffe Scar, (47) Malham Cove, (45) Park Rash, (73) Garsdale Head

A beautiful but lumpy day as we head into the Yorkshire Dales. Please note we have a rest day on Friday 31st August in Hawes.

Day distance: 162km

Day climb: 3600m

Climbs (6)

(50) Fleet Moss, (49) Buttertubs Pass, (46) Oxnop Scar, (57) The Stang, (51) Tan Hill, (78) Lamps Moss

After a rest day in Hawes we have a very lumpy morning as pick off the remaining Climbs in The Dales. We then head up the spine of the North Pennines before an overnight stay in The Lake District.

Day distance: 165.2km

Day climb: 3838m

Climbs (6)

(83) Kirkstone Pass, (85) Wrynose Pass, (84) Hardknott Pass, (80) Honister Pass, (81) Newlands Hause, (82) Whinlatter Pass

A lap of the Lake District and six lung-busting climbs including 'the hardest road in the land' Hardknott Pass. We'll be half through way the full ride by the end of today. We may allow ourselves a beer, or two.

Day distance: 181km

Day climb: 2195m

Climbs (2)

(77) Hartside, (63) Mennock Pass

A much more sensible day of (hopefully) stunning views, we tackle Hartside in the North Pennines first thing, before heading NW and crossing the border for a week in beautiful Scotland.

Day distance: 183km

Day climb: 1771m

Climbs (1)

(68) Rest and be Thankful

Day distance: 219.9km

Day climb: 2374m

Climbs (0)

No 100 climbs today, just a long, beautiful day... come and join us!

At almost 220km this is our longest day. Thankfully we have a rest day on Thursday 6th Sept in Dornie.

Day distance: 176km

Day climb: 2312m

Climbs (1)

(69) Bealach-na-Ba

Just the one 100 Climb today, but what a climb!? Bealach-Na-Ba, the only climb that has a difficulty of 11/10 in the book.

Day distance: 204km

Day climb: 3100m

Climbs (2)

(67) Cairn Gorm, (66) The Lecht

Two classic climbs in the Cairngorms National Park, we can't wait!

Day distance: 187km

Day climb: 2520m

Climbs (2)

(65) The Cairnwell, (64) Cairn O' Mount

Two more classic and beautiful Scottish climbs before we head to Perth.

Day distance: 190.2km

Day climb: 2668m

Climbs (0)

No 100 climbs today, still lumpy though!

Day distance: 195km

Day climb: 2950m

Climbs (4)

(61) Winters Gibbet, (60) Peth Bank, (59) Crawleyside, (62) Chapel Fell

We have a rest day on Wednesday 12th Sept in Darlington.

Day distance: 179.2km

Day climb: 2952m

Climbs (4)

(58) Carlton Bank, (55) Rosedale Chimney, (56) White Horse Bank, (54) Boltby Bank

A challenging but beautiful day in the North East, with some iconic climbs.
Many thanks to Vectos for sponsoring this day.

Day distance: 195km

Day climb: 1820m

Climbs (3)

(52) Greenhow Hill, (53) Norwood Edge, (28) Michaelgate

Day distance: 211km

Day climb: 1673m

Climbs (2)

(29) Terrace Hill, (38) Jiggers Bank

Day distance: 210km

Day climb: 2727m

Climbs (2)

(39) The Burway, (13) Dover's Hill

A lovely day in the Midlands with two of The Climbs along the way. We'll be popping into the awesome Boardman Performance Centre at The Valley in Evesham for refreshments.
This day has been generously sponsored by Eagle One.

Day distance: 173km

Day climb: 2075m

Climbs (3)

(25) Combe Gibbet, (24) Streatley Hill, (23) Whiteleaf

Our penultimate day, and a big day with three meaty climbs. 'Are we there yet?'
This day is kindly sponsored by Avamore Capital.

Day distance: 74.4km

Day climb: 714m

Climbs (2)

(26) Mott Street, (27) Swains Lane

Almost home, the bright lights of North London will be a welcome sight for us. Just 2 of The Climbs to go and we are done.

Day distance: 58.2km

Day climb: 614m

Climbs (0)

Just rolling home...

Back to where we started, 33 days, 5300km and 81,000m of climbing later!