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There are four ways for you or your company can help us achieve the £100,000 we are aiming to raise for the four incredible charities we’re supporting, all of which are very close to hearts for one reason or another. Your support will help us to get up all those nasty hills with achy legs, day after day, in all the varieties of weather Great Britain will throw at us!

It’s important to note we’re covering most of the significant costs of the ride ourselves to ensure we maximise the funds that will go directly to the charities. We’re not expecting you to finance our mid-life crisis.

Individual sponsorship

1) Cyclists, we need your help! Join us on this epic ride for a day, a weekend, a week perhaps? We’re thinking £100 for 100 Climbs sounds fitting, so we’d like you to consider donating that, or whatever you can afford, for every day you join us. Simply click the PLEASE JOIN US button above and choose a day that suits.

2) Don’t have a bike (yet!), then you can still support us via our MyDonate page and follow our progress online from 17th August to 18th September. Thank you for your support.

To make an individual donation please visit our BT MyDonate page here.

100% of your donations (except for a very small handling charge by BT) will go directly to the four charities in equal measures.

Corporate sponsorship

3) Sponsor a day. Pick one of the 29 days, maybe local to your company or project, and donate, say, £1 for every metre of climb that day. Your brand will be on this website, all over social media and on our support van. We would be very grateful for this significant contribution, and of course you and your team would be very welcome to join us on the day. Please contact us for details.

4) Sponsor the entire ride. Have your logo everywhere. This is the mother of all sponsorships. Please contact us for details.

Don’t feel restricted: if you’d like to support us in any other way we are open to all other types of sponsorships, dares, bets, anything (within reason) that helps to motivate us, and makes money. Bring it on!