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It’s taken 2 years to sift through hours and hours of videos – but here’s a short film about our epic adventure in 2018. Thanks to Myles Henry for putting it together. View on YouTube

We asked people from all over the UK to join us on our adventure to give us their local knowledge and help take the wind. We knew that was a big ask as the seemingly random route between The Climbs didn’t make the logistics easy at all. But well over 100 people answered our call […]

So it has been a few weeks since we arrived back in Guildford after our epic adventure. Perhaps unsurprisingly as more time passes since we finished, the more we enjoyed the ride, the bigger the hills were and the faster we rode them. Unfortunately Strava doesn’t lie! We have even got back out on our […]

Graham, James and I managed to drag our way around Great Britain over the last month or so. Unsurprisingly we had a few challenges with the British weather, a few minor issues with our bodies and bikes, and a few near misses on the road. But we’re back safe and sound without any major incidents […]

A quick holding post whilst we readjust to normal life! All of the 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs of Great Britain completed in a single ride in 33 days (29 riding days, 4 rest days.) 5296km / 3290 miles travelled. An average of 180km / 113 miles every day. Total climbing of almost 80km, equivalent to 9 […]

Our ambition to cycle 5300km over just 29 days inevitably means we will be spending a lot of hours perched on our bikes! A property bike fit is therefore imperative and every contact point between rider and bike needs to be correctly set-up and carefully tuned. The brand new Boardman Performance Centre very kindly invited […]

The 100 Climbs Ultimate Challenge is without a doubt one of the most extreme challenges our supporters have undertaken – 5300km in 29 days with a vertical climb 9 x Everest! Your legs ache just thinking about it. But perhaps it’s fitting that Dom, James and Graham are taking on this incredible feat to tackle […]

By Georgi Welch, Regional Fundraising Officer for the South East at Alzheimer’s Research UK We are facing one of the biggest global health challenges in a generation, but we are determined to tackle it head on. At Alzheimer’s Research UK, we’ve set out a clear mission to bring about the first life-changing treatment for dementia […]

When we first read about the 100 Climbs Ultimate Challenge here in Cancer Research UK’s fundraising team, we had the same thought as most people who learn about it for the first time; we thought it was crazy! The challenge is ambitious and amazing and we couldn’t thank Dom, Graham, and James for hoping to […]

By Jessica Phillimore, Corporate Partnerships at Coram There are many challenge events in the charity sector, motivating supporters to prepare for a few hours or days of physical endurance, all to raise funds for a good cause. Some challenges however go above and beyond. When the team at Coram heard that Dom, James and Graham […]